Chasing The Stoke

Chasing The Stoke

While the stoke will always represent something different for every entity, there is no denying the feeling, the climb, the chase… It is simply not black and white, but a feeling and emotion that as mighty as words are, they fail to describe. While some may not yet fully understand what the chase entails, it’s that feeling of elation, that feeling of motivation to go bigger and be faster than ever before, but also those relaxing moments spent laughing around the campfire. The Stoke represents something bigger than all of us, and none of us, it's something unique for everyone. It’s not just a unifying feeling, but also that individual moment, where time itself seems to slow down. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a frozen playland or a tropical dream, for those who’ve experienced it, there’s no turning back, progression is the only way forward. 

A never-ending pursuit, for there is not one Stoke. Just the next Stoke that was greater than the last and not as great as the next. Joy and trials, triumphs and heartaches, they're all part of the journey. The journey dreamt about by many but only lived by few, the worries that are in constant motion, always pushing to go further, faster. Pushing the limits that can never be reached.

To each their own, since we all embrace The Stoke in our own ways. But we believe the Stoke’s worth sharing, so please, share your meaning of The Stoke and where it has lead you, shaped you, pushed you, to be who you are today, in a high-functioning society. And don't forget to let us know if you brought our Nomad all-in-one smoking device along for the ride.

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