From how-to’s, getting started with The Nomad, tips, tricks and more, we’ve got you covered so The Stoke doesn’t stop!

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Nomad Anatomy

1) Cap 2) Lid  3) Main Body 4) Pipe 5) Container 6) Packer

Let's Get Started

STEP 1: Open Your Nomad

Grip using the honeycomb pattern and S logo, pulling the S logo upwards to break the seal.

STEP 2: Install Your Mini Lighter

Insert the mini lighter inside the main body next to the pipe until it stops in place. Make sure the mini lighter’s ignition button faces away from the pipe.

*You must use a mini lighter (required, not included and sold separately) as your fire source— no other type of lighter will fit in your Nomad.

STEP 3: Fill The Container

Pop out the lid from the container’s cavity. Then, loosely fill the container’s cavity with your ground up smoking material until it reaches about half an inch below the sealing groove. Pop the lid back into place to seal the container.

*We recommend processing your smoking material using a quality hand grinder.

STEP 4: Close The Nomad

Grip using the honeycomb pattern and S logo. Use the palm of your hand to push the container into the main body until fully closed.

STEP 5. Pack a Bowl

1. Make sure the pipe and packer face downward while holding your Nomad horizontally.

2. Slightly tilt your Nomad with the pipe end toward the ground. Pull out the packer until it stops fully extended.

3. With the packer still fully extended, tap or shake your Nomad against your hand 3-5 times. Then, pack a bowl by sliding the packer inward to its fully closed position.

4.In the fully closed position apply slight pressure to the packer and twist. If you feel a grinding sensation the bowl is not completely packed, try 1 more tap. If the packer twists smoothly you have a completely packed bowl. 

Note: The number of taps it takes to pack a proper bowl will depend on the overall grind consistency and/or stickiness of your smoking material. Tapping too many or too few times can cause over/under packing and ineffective use of your Nomad.

STEP 6: Smoking With The Nomad

1. Make sure the pipe and packer face upward while holding your Nomad horizontally. Open the nomad by pulling the container from the main body until it locks into place.

2. Insert your index finger through one of the finger holes and onto the end of the mini lighter. 

3. Wrap your thumb around the end of your Nomad below the pipe. 

4. Put your mouth over the pipe. 

6. Then, squeeze with your index finger to ignite the mini lighter. 

Note: You should feel when the smoke exits the pipe into your mouth. If you don’t feel it, try again.

Note: For problems lighting, see Tips & Tricks.

Removing The Lighter

To remove the mini lighter, push thumb next to pipe to loosen fit. Then Use fingers to grab and remove mini lighter.

Incase of Wind, Rain or Snow

Insert cap into open finger hole to allow enough oxygen to keep fire lit but not blow it out.

Lighting Problem

1. No Flame: Spark lighter when Nomad is at your lips, then inhale. Nomad has about 2 seconds of oxygen to keep flame ignited.

2. Refill Air: Remove and insert container to fill Nomad with fresh air for an easier spark.

3. No Flame: If not working, check to see if minilighter has butane fuel.

How Not to Open

Do not open The Nomad towards your body or by grasping with your whole hand. Remember to grip using the honeycomb pattern and S logo, pulling the S logo upwards to break the seal.

Built Up / Overpacked

Orientate container upright after removal, extend packer to open passthrough, tap container to shake smoking material back inside, and return packer to closed position

Cap Coming Off

Simply push the cap tether connector tip into the Nomad’s open side port. You can also use the back of a pen to help.


To debowl a smoked bowl, remove the container then blow through the pipe. If this does not clear it, use a rigid stick.

STEP 1: Take Apart

To clean, start by disassembling The Nomad parts.

STEP 2: Dish Wash Silicone Parts

The silicone parts that comprise the Nomad are dishwasher safe, which is the best — and recommended — way to clean it! Simply disassemble your Nomad and put its silicone parts in the dishwasher.

*Do not put metal packer and pipe into the dishwasher

STEP 3: Hand Wash Silicone Parts

When the dishwasher cycle is done, remove the Nomad’s silicone parts, and with a abrasive sponge, quickly wipe out any leftover soot.

STEP 4: Hand Wash Metal Parts

As for your pipe and packer, simply remove them and clean them as you would any other traditional pipe (ex. salt and warm water, pre-mix solution, rubbing alcohol, etc.) 

STEP 5: Put Back Together

Once cleaned and dried, reassemble The Nomad back together.