The Stoke

It’s What We Live For

To stay grounded in the principles of adventure requires a pure intention. Because that is how you find and feel the stoke — and where it also connects with you.

Pioneers Of The Stoke

The deep breath at the summit before the big carve down. Watching the rapids turn into raging falls. Having the courage to overcome the line of your climb up the rock. These are the moments where the stoke gets its fire — instances of truth and meaning that drove us to make something for a closer connection.

Empowered By Motion

Another windy day on the chairlift between friends sparked an idea in motion. What if there was a better way to partake? What if we didn’t need to use our hands as wind blockers — and no more fumbling around with so many odds and ends? What if it could all be done without straying from the natural way?

Heighten The Experience

Casting all doubt downwind, we pursued a wholly unique product design to uplift our vision into reality. Countless form and mechanical iterations. Thousands of hours in the lab for R&D. A full suite of 3D printed prototypes. Fully imagined components invented, finalized, produced, packaged and made just for you. Those efforts combined to lead us here, now. So you get a proper tool to boldly move forward enhanced for the stoke.

United By High Function

The inherent stoke in adventure demands a high-functioning approach and carefully tuned awareness so mind and body work as one. This becomes our essential lived experience to help us live more fully — uniting us with those who know the stoke well, like we do.

Activate The Adventure

To you truth seekers who live for The Stoke, Smokineer designs and engineers compact, durable products built to slide in lockstep with your unique, high-functioning lifestyle. Pushing you to go on — to go further — giving more of yourself to The Stoke whenever and wherever you find it.